Works Like Clockwork

By far our number one seller.  Works Like Clockwork colon cleanse is our formula that helps the body to cleanse, soothe and detox the colon.  The gut has so many neuron it has been called the second brain; in fact about 95% of the serotonin and half of the dopamine in your body comes from your gut.  So cool, and definitely a part of the body we want to keep healthy.  Works Like Clockwork is more than just an herbal laxative, it helps the peristaltic muscles to move the fecal matter through the bowels, so bowel movements become easier over time.  It is a gentle formula, but effective enough to help with constipation from even the harshest medications.  Cascara Sagrada is a known laxative and has been used to treat gallstones and hemorrhoids.  Senna and Psyllium are also in the formula, known stool softeners.  Number one seller for good reason.
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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Consult your physician before taking. Cascara Sagrada and Senna can be habit forming if taken for long periods of time.  © 2016 HerbAppeal